I haven’t posted here in a while, but have been doing some things, though nothing major, but I figured I’ll keep updating.

Still not sure what’s up with the Studer. I posted in the Studer mailing list and gotten a couple of responses, but honestly, they went a little over my head. So I’ve been spending time studying electronics, and it’s been going well – I’ve gotten further than I have before. I’m using the ARRL Handbook from 2012 (it was ~$6 total!), allaboutcircuits.com, and this course I signed up to (it’s free! do it!) but never really completed in the allotted time, but I’m still getting a lot out of it.

Meanwhile I removed the Stop button from the transport and pulled out the burnt lamp. The manual says you need to use a special tool to pull out the button cover, but pressing on the sides with pliers (protecting the button with leather) and pulling did the job. As far as the lamp, the one I have here is a telephone slide base lamp rated for 30V @ 40mA, made by Oshino Lamps. Lookit this little guy:


It’s not clear to me what is the designation of this lamp and base. Some places say T5.5 others and say T2.x. I called Oshino and they said to email them a picture and they’ll help figure out what base it is, but I never heard back. So I go by the dimensions of it which are 30mm in length and 4.7mm diameter. Here are some places online that have these lamps (links to the actual product): Mouser, Topbulb, and Bulbtronics. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the woman from Bubltronics and she said she’ll try and figure out if what I linked to is what I need, but I never heard back from them. Meanwhile, I found someone on eBay that was selling 50 of these for ~$30. He agreed to break up that lot and I bought 20 for $16 shipped or something like that. Much cheaper than it would have been from any of those places I linked. So yeah, keep your eyes open for T5.5 bulbs with the physical dimensions and electrical ratings I mentioned.

Other than that I changed strings and setup my Jazzmaster because I’m selling it. I actually have someone who wants to buy it, but I’m getting cold feet. I like that guitar and put so much work into it.

And other than that, I have two little projects coming up. A fret level for a friend’s bass, and a rewire of his Jazzmaster. We’re putting a goldfoil in the bridge and rewiring it for separate volume and tone controls and making the rhythm circuit switch into a kill switch.