Akro Mils drawers dividers

I have two Akro Mils cabinet drawers. One has some small drawers and some big, and I use it to store odds and ends. The other is 64 small drawers and I use that one to store parts. However, using one drawer for one type of component is very wasteful, and while the drawers come with dividers, they don’t come with very many, and those dividers only divide the drawers into two. It’s possible to combine those dividers so the drawers will be divided into four, but the extra dividers are kind of expensive – half the price of another cabinet! So I decided to make my own and modify the dividers the drawers came with.

Here is what I did with the stock dividers.


I used a bandsaw to cut notches in the middle of each divider, and then “cross” them together to divide the drawer into four:


For the other dividers I used 1/16″ acrylic. That’s thin enough to fit in the grooves for the dividers. Three 12″ x 12″ sheets of 1/16″ acrylic cost $4.50 each, and that was enough to make a forty-something dividers, which is enough for now.


Same idea as with the black plastic dividers, except I had to cut these to size on the bandsaw. There was a lot of chatter with the bandsaw (not sure why), so I took the edges to the belt sander to make them pretty. In a drawer with some resistors:



A couple of notes:

– Notice how the notches in the acrylic are wide? That’s because the bandsaw’s blade is very thin. What I did was set the distance between the fence and the blade to half the width of the divider. Cut a notch. Then flip it (left-to-right, not back-to-front) to cut another notch. That made the notch bigger, and also minimized the error in measurement of the fence-to-blade distance by cutting the notch on either side of the center.

– The way the drawers are made is that there are grooves on the sides of the drawer that the little divider slides into. It makes more sense to put the dividers in so that the long divider is “beneath” the small one, therefore the “cross” is always held in place. If the long one was above, then it could easily fall out. This doesn’t matter when cutting the acrylic because I cut them into rectangles, but the black dividers can only go in a certain way, so it matters when cutting the notches in them.

– I had to trim the long black dividers. They’re too tall for the small drawers. Not a big deal.

– There A lot of the cuts require you to get close to the blade. I actually cut myself! I never thought I’ll be able to cut myself on a bandsaw, but I wasn’t being careful and I did. It’s not to deep and I didn’t need stitches, but still!


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