Trying to revive my multitracking rig. It’s a MOTU HD192 which I might sell or just keep using. Still haven’t decided. Anyway, mine had a noisy fan like most of them, so a while back I bought a new fan to replace it. Today I finally put it in.

I followed the internet’s advice as far as the size and got a 5cm x 5cm fan, and it’s a little too big I think, so it’s held in place with only three screws. The original screws were lost ages ago, so I had MOTU send me some because I couldn’t find the right ones at the hardware stores. These are 4-40 because I was able to find the right nuts at the hardware store. Go figure. By the way, MOTU’s support guy was very nice and helpful.

In the process of taking apart the chassis I accidentally broke the WORD IN (not SYSTEM WORD) connection and had to re-solder it.

I’ve been working on a quite a few other projects but been bad about writing up about them. I will have more time now that school’s out for summer.


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