Danelectro DC12 setup

This is a friend’s guitar that I worked on maybe a year and a half ago. Back then, I set it up with medium gauge strings and the tuning was something wacky and cool – downtuned and not all the octave strings were in unison. It played beautifully, and everything I played on it immediately sounded like a Sonic Youth.

Now my friend wants it to be tuned to standard with light gauge strings.

The neck didn’t require any truss rod adjustment with the new strings, but the action at the bridge was pretty high. That makes sense because I had to compensate for the downtuning and heavier gauge before, but the saddles’ height didn’t match the radius of the fretboard. That’s odd because I always check the radius of the fretboard of every guitar I work on. Anyway, the radius of this fretboardĀ  is 15″. I honestly don’t remember it being that before.

I adjusted the action, adjusted the pickups’ heights, intonated it, and then I found out that the pickup selector is scratchy in the bridge position. DeOxit D5 didn’t help, so I retouched the solder joints which didn’t help either. The switch will need to be replaced sooner or later.

Lastly, the wiring at the switch threw me off for a bit and that’s because it uses a single pole on-off-on switch and the pickups are wired in series. Also, the pickups have three wires coming off – one is the casing (the “lipstick”), and two are the coil ends.