A friend gave me a free no-name 8-space lunchbox (see here if you’re not familiar). He said that it doesn’t work or works badly and he does not want to deal with it anymore, so yeah, I’ll take a free lunchbox. It’ll give me a chance to exercise what I’ve been studying.

The thing is shoddily made. The inside of the power supply (separate from the rack) is a mix of PCB and strip board, and has two transformers – I assume one is for the +/-16V and the other (much smaller) for phantom. And I guess that makes sense but the wiring is barf. It has Neutrik XLR ins and outs, but the power cable goes straight into the lunchbox. I’m going to replace that with an actual connector.

Anyway, I turned it on and got no voltage. Turns out the fuse is blown. I think if I put a new one in it’ll blow again, so I’m going to clean up the wiring and then see what’s up.

Meanwhile I worked on the actual rack. The XLRs soldered into the PCB, but it’s ok, because they’re held against the back panel. The connectors all use Torx screws to hold them in place, and man these are annoying to work with. However, the worst thing about it is that the holes for the screws (in the metal) are threaded, so removing the PCB from the back is a pain because some screws just get stuck in the metal. Here’s a picture to illustrate it:


So I drilled them out and now it fits like this:


I used a 5/32″ bit, but something a little smaller would have worked just as well.

I hope to get to the power supply soon, or at least to some other projects. I’m excited for school to be done soon so I can get my hands a little more dirty.


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