I haven’t updated in a while!

Here’s what was going on. First, I’m a little busy studying, so that takes priority over the Studer (and all other projects for that matter). I also started re-arranging my work space, so now there’s more storage and hopefully less clutter when I’m done, but that made my desk even fuller for a few days. Lastly, and most interesting is that my friend and I narrowed down the problem.

I looked at the block diagram (p. 240 of the PDF manual) and noticed that signal from the right sensor board goes to the pre-divider, and since part of the problem is that spinning the right roller causes the supply motor to stop running, I figured I’d look around the pre-divider board. My friend suggested I replace IC3 on the counter board, and also to try replacing all the ICs on the pre-divider. I did replace all the ICs on the pre-divider, and that solved the smaller part of the problem – spinning the roller by hand causes the supply motor to stop working. However, I don’t know which IC did it.

Today I’m going to recap the counter board and change that IC and see what happens. I hope that will be it. Voltages of everything everywhere test fine, so the counter seems to be the last stop.

Also contributing to the delay was that I had to order new ICs, and by accident some of the ICs I bought were SMD, so I had to get new ones.


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