J Mascis Jazzmaster rewire + goldfoil at the bridge!

This is my friend’s Jazzmaster. He asked me to install a Curtis Novak Goldfoil at the bridge, and rewire the guitar for two separate volumes and tones (using the rhythm circuit for the tones), and a kill switch.

I used this schematic, credit goes to Sigler Music Center in Arkansas:

JM two vol two tone kill sw

What I did differently is that I used linear pots for the volumes and log for the tones, and the kill switch is on (signal passing through) when it’s at the bottom. The switch being on when it’s at the bottom makes more sense because the player is more likely to hit it strumming down. Also, that’s what my friend asked for.

Without strings on, I thought there was too much of a hum in the middle position. I say too much because my setup here isn’t the quietest, being so close to the train and all. That made me think that the goldfoil’s magnet isn’t oriented so that its north faces the opposite direction than the neck pickup’s north. In other words, the neck pup and goldfoil aren’t RWRP.  However, the original bridge and neck pickups measure very close – 100 ohms different, with the bridge being the hotter one, of course. I told my friend about it and we decided to use the Mascis bridge pickup in the neck position. I put strings on it, and no hum.

I haven’t had a chance to really play through an amp and see how I like the volume pots being linear and the tones being logarithmic (it was too late when I was done), so I moved on to non-amplified setup. Basically, the low E string was slipping out of its saddle, and the radius of the bridge (TOM) didn’t fit the radius of the fretboard (9.5″), so I had to file the saddles a little bit.

This guitar is almost done, just need to hear it amplified.


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