P-Bass fret level and sending off my Jazzmaster

My friend brought his P-Bass in a few weeks back for a setup. I set it up and eliminated most buzz, but it still had some he was unhappy with. It wasn’t anything that come through an amp, but he likes playing it unplugged, so I suggested I’d level the frets.

I leveled the frets and still buzzes. I leveled it again and added more fallaway, and it still buzzes in the middle of the neck. I tried swapping saddles, I tried shimming the front of the neck pocket, and even the back for the heck of it (even though it shouldn’t really help), and nothing really does it. I tried a straight neck and add some relief – nothing. Only thing that helps is raising the action. I think I did a good job leveling the frets, so I don’t really know what’s up with it. I’m going to need more time to think about it and figure it out.


In other news, my Jazzmaster sold on eBay. It was kind of bittersweet because it’s a nice guitar and I enjoy(ed) playing it, but not enough to keep it. USACG’s wrong corners on the body really get to me. So yeah ,that got sold and packed and out the door. So long, my first build! Maybe we will meet again. I hope you end up in the hands of someone who’ll be really excited to play you!



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