Studer Recap: Part III, some guitar work

Finished recapping the power supply today. Here’s what it looks like:


As you can see, I took out those tantalums and instead installed Panasonic FC series caps. These are low ESR can can tolerate high temperatures (the tants could too), and most importantly, they don’t short when they fail.

The big filtering caps are snap-ins and I’m not crazy about that. They didn’t really snap into the PCB and I had to bend their legs a tiny bit to fit the holes. Also, the legs are really short so I’m not feeling 100% about them being physically stable. The reason I got those is because the “long leads” caps that I could find that were rated at 105C were rated for 1000 hours at 105C. I don’t think these caps ever make it to 105C, and 1000 hours is equal to 41 days of the machine being on non-stop, so those probably would have been ok, but still. The snap-in caps I installed are rated for 3000 hours (4.7mF) at 105C and 5000 hours (10mF) at 105C. They should last for a while.

I also wrote down the values for the motor phase capacitors since the power supply is out (makes it easier to access them).

I’ve also made some progress with the cauls for the F30. Basically everything is glue and I need to make sure the top caul matches the fretboard perfectly. Maybe it’ll be done at the end of this week?


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