More going over the capacitors in the B67. There are 6-7 stud mount capacitors that I assume have something to do with the motors. Not sure if they’re suppression capacitors or what, and I can’t find them in the manual. I’m sure I’m looking in the wrong sections, since this manual is the most thorough I’ve ever seen.

Slightly more interesting, my Guild S300-D is pretty much done. I forgot to mention it in the last update, but on Friday I got the pickups back from Fralin (had them pot them) and installed them back in the guitar. I also fixed a broken pickup ring with epoxy and black dye – you can barely see where it was broken. I have a couple of before pictures, but no after. I’ll take a few tomorrow or something. A little more interesting, the nut was a little too low (the E strings were popping out), so I shimmed it with another piece of bone. A word of caution, when you glue the two pieces of bone together with superglue, they’ll attach immediately. SO MAKE SURE THEY’RE ALIGNED CORRECTLY. Even though I used an over-sized piece of bone for the shim, they were misaligned and I had to break them apart with a razor blade. Surprisingly, they came off very neatly. Some sanding to remove the superglue residue, and the second try was golden. Look! The seam is perfect!


These pictures are before the shim was sanded down. I’ll post more about the S300 when it’s actually, finally done.


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