Fixed the gouges, shot more color, and found a way to hang the guitar to dry safely.

I don’t know if it were obvious from my last post, but I was freaking out about those gouges. I posted on both OSG and Reranch asking for help. The consensus was that the gouges that didn’t scrape off the paint are going all the way down to the wood, and some suggestions were to sand down the color and shoot sanding sealer to fill the gouges or to sand the color down and steam the gouges out. I have no idea how you steam gouges out.

What I ended up doing was to sand down the color and primer to the sanding sealer, and fill in the gouges with superglue and wait for it to dry. Once dry I sanded it down to get a smooth surface and sprayed sanding sealer over it. Then of course I sanded down the sanding sealer with #320 sandpaper.

Next was to figure out what to do with that area that doesn’t have sanding sealer underneath. The astute observer will see the difference in the last picture from the previous post. Again, the consensus (between the two people who answered) was to just keep spraying color until I get an even surface.

Today I went down to spray color over the gouges and more coats overall. I was told over at OSG that I spray too dry, so I moved in a little closer (1ft away from the body), and sprayed a little slower. The result? runs! So I moved back to 14″ away. I let it dry for a few hours and wet sanded the gouges down. I also (wet) sanded over where the gouges were — those spots weren’t very smooth. Finally (at 11:30pm), I finished touching up the gouges with color, and sprayed three passes on the sides, but only two on the front and back. I got runs again! This time at 14″ away and moving faster than before. I think the problem is that the Preval sprayer’s nozzle is very narrow, and it’s also hard to see where you already sprayed when you’re shooting black. Anyway, I consider this a positive progress — smoothing down the runs shouldn’t be a problem, and another coat (after spraying one more pass on the front and back to complete today’s coat) should make everything look golden (err, blacken?).

Finally, the solution for hanging the guitar to dry! I went to a hardware store and got a metal bracket like this one, but longer. I screwed it to one of the walls of my storage unit, and it’s sturdy as hell. My guitar is safe now. As for spraying the edges, I just went the Fender route and nailed four nails to the body in the area that will be under the pickguard. Seems to work well so far.

That’s it for now. I’ll upload some picture tomorrow.


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