Up and then down — it really hurts when your freshly painted guitar falls down.

Things were going really well. Yesterday I sanded the primer with #320, wiped it with Naphtha and got ready to paint it. I did one coat and it looked great. I think it was a little too thick, since I can’t see the primer underneath, but whatever, it works.

Today I went down in the basement to check on it (and get these two wooden blocks I found there to make this sort of a “stand” to put the guitar on when painting the edges), and my heart sank when I saw the guitar on the ground. The boom arm came loose somehow, and fell along with the guitar. Now it has a bunch of nicks all over its edges.




I’m not sure what my next step is. Maybe it’s possible to spray those spots and fix them, but I might need to strip it all down and redo? Man, that would be a HUGE bummer, but I’ll do it if I must, especially since the areas where I sanded through the sealer show:


Now I’m waiting to see what the good folks over at Reranch say, and I’m also trying to figure out how to spray the edges. The blocks idea wouldn’t work since the Jazzmaster is too bottom heavy and can’t stay stable on them. Might do the nail thing Fender used to do.


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