More sanding, shooting primer, and thoughts about primer

I spent a few more hours yesterday sanding down the body. In the process I realized that removing all the primer until all I’m left with is the sanding sealer is kind of impossible and takes hours, not to mention that I sanded the bottom of the neck pocket a little to much, so now it’s radiused differently. Not a big deal, since it’s the bottom (i.e. back of the guitar). So I decided to get a uniform surface, and call it a day.

I didn’t reshoot sanding sealer in the spots I sanded through — I didn’t feel like mixing more of it, and it would have set me back a day. Most importantly, the primer is also a sealer, so as long as I get a uniform surface with the primer, who cares? Here’s what it looked like after sanding and without reshooting sanding sealer.


Sorry about the lighting and quality. I do the work in a dimly lit basement.

Here’s what it looked like with the first coat of primer, sprayed from about 15″ away. Nice and thin.Image

Perhaps it’s not visible from the picture, but you can still see the grain through the primer, so another coat is in order. I also messed up a little bit when spraying the neck pocket edge (the horns). I did it a little too thick, and it started cracking, so I quickly sanded it down a little bit with #320 paper. Here’s a picture of it post sanding, and you can see the crack.


As for using primer — I’m not really sure it’s that important if you spray sanding sealer. The sanding sealer gives a pretty hard, level surface to work with, and while the primer makes for an even more level surface, what’s achieved with the sealer is probably enough. No to mention that you probably need 2-2.5 cans of primer to do a whole body. I only used primer because it’s my first time spray painting and I’m doing a black finish, which supposedly show every little imperfection. I also wanted the finish to wear down to the primer over time (I’m not relicing it though), so I though “why the hell not?”. Next time I paint a body I’ll either just use sanding sealer, or make the primer myself with Mixol white colorant mixed with sanding sealer.

I’m off to see if the primer coat cracked over night!


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