Problems shooting primer

This is possibly the biggest pain in the ass so far. Shooting sanding sealer wasn’t fun and I went through two preval sprayers in the process, but I got it done with very few problems. The primer (Duralaq Nitrocellulose primer) proved more difficult.

I sprayed it at about 15″ away from the guitar and it came out too dry — wiping my hand on the body wood “dust off” some of the primer. It didn’t make sense and seemed like a waste of product, so I decided to spray it more wet. I got really close and got two a thick, level coating of primer. Here’s what it looked like.


Looks pretty good, right? Like Olympic White! Well, after 20-60 minutes it shrunk and cracked. Literally, cracks all over the body! I asked around over at, and it turns out that shooting primer too close to the body will make it crack. I got within 5″ from it. Also, the primer coat shouldn’t be so thick. It should be thin and the thickness of the finish should be built with the color and clear coats.

Between yesterday and today I spent 4 hours sanding down the primer and I’m still not done. I also sanded through the primer in some spots, so I’ll need to touch up those areas. I’m hoping to be done with the primer by Tuesday, so I’ll be done shooting the color and clear by next weekend.


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