Summer Plans

I have two big projects and a few smaller ones that I want to finish this summer. Hopefully by the end of it every piece of gear I have will be fixed/built and utilized.

Big Projects

  • Building a parts Stratocaster. A friend is giving me an old SX body and I know which pickups I’ll get, but I still can’t decide on which neck to get. I’ll write about it more later.
  • Racking two Neotek SIII preamp/EQ modules. It seems that the hardest part is getting the chassis done; the rest should follow easily. It’ll be nice to have some real preamps again.

Small Projects

  • Fixing my old green Big Muff Pi and Vox Phaser. The Muff has this capacitor where one lead just broke off and can’t be repaired. I need to figure out its value and replace it. The pedal could also use a new DC receptacle. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Vox. Could be as simple as a cold solder joint somewhere.
  • Fixing my YBA-1A. It distorts early and it’s an ugly kind of distortion. My friend is working on it since I have no knowledge of tube amplification and don’t feel like poking around with my meter until I maybe find out what’s wrong with it.
  • Studying music theory. I know the very basics (what’s major and minor pretty much) and it’s time to know more.
  • Learning more about electronics. I always wanted to and it’ll be helpful with all the things I’m going to work on.